College Initiative

Welcome to the Collegiate Initiative page. This year we are focused on three key actions: Prepare, Transition, and Retain. We want to ensure that the Professionals are active participants in preparing our collegiate members both academically and professionally in order to obtain jobs upon graduation. The next focus is to transition the collegiate members to the Professional membership by connecting them with local Professional members and Chapters. Lastly, we want to retain the newly transitioned Professional members by keeping them informed, involved, and developing as they strive to “succeed professionally”.

The Pittsburgh NSBE Professional Chapter has established relationships with PITT, CMU, and RMU colleges in supporting the NSBE chapters in their endeavors while providing students with mentoring, professional development, and exposure to several corporate partners. With these relationships, we offer the opportunity for students to learn valuable skills as they transition from the educational realm to the professional one.

As you begin your programming, please consider the opportunities below.

Professionalism Workshops:

Present workshops or host events for your local collegiate chapters to assist them in preparing for the corporate world. Here is a list of some example workshops:

Resume Writing
Interview Skills
Business Etiquette
Personal Branding

Fall Regional Conference:

Participate in FRC by volunteering as judges or workshop presenters. The Professional membership is needed for the following activities:

Graduating Seniors Reception
Technical Research Exhibition
Professionalism Workshops

NSBE Retention Program:

The purpose of the NSBE Retention Program is to improve the four year and five year graduation rates of Blacks in the field of engineering. Get involved by assisting a local college chapter with their participation in the program through the three key areas:

NSBE Study Hall
Skill Development Workshops

Visit the NSBE Retention Program webpage

College Initiative Mentoring Program:

The goal of the Mentoring Program is to leverage the experiences of seasoned technical professionals and provide professional development opportunities for recent graduates and collegiate students.

Please sign up as a mentor in IMPak during your membership registration or renewal. The “Mentor” selection can be found in the NSBE Information section under the following question:

What is your interest level within NSBE Alumni?:
How’d you like to get involved?

Download the Collegiate Initiative Mentoring Program Toolkit

Young Technical Professionals:

Young Technical Professionals are those with 0-5 years of experience. YTP is important for recently graduated students to have access to training and development to help them succeed in their early years.

Visit the YTP webpage

College Initiative Program of the Year:

Now is your time to shine and show NSBE all of the hard work that you have put forth for the year, reap a great reward and earn the bragging rights of having the best Collegiate Initiative overall program of the year! Awards are presented at National Convention.

Stay on the lookout for the application becoming live online.

Other Ways to Get Involved with CI …

Do not feel limited to the areas listed above. College Initiative programming consist of any interaction between the Professional and Collegiate membership. There are numerous ways to participate in CI programming: participate in joint community service or T.O.R.C.H. events, joint social events, attend college chapter meetings, invite college chapters to your local Professional chapter events. The possibilities are endless!